A large open ground, Approx. 2.5 km away, that contributed to the start of popular Durand Football matches in 1888. A site for helipad and golf course. Developed as the playground of Shimla, Annandale is 1.5 kilometres from Hotel Marc Shimla at a height of 6,117 ft. It is a favourite spot for picnics, polo and cricket also

Bird Watching

Discover and explore the bird watching experiencein Shimla. Observe the brilliant colours of the Blue Magpie and the Scarlet Minivet or listen to the song of the Grey Winged Blackbird and the Blue Whistling Thrush in the sylvan surroundings of the property and thetown.

Nature Walk

Sometimes the most profound experiences can result from the simplest acts. A quiet walk in the country can completely change one's attitude. A Nature Walk can be relaxing and revitalizing. Getting out in the natural world can help us to understand our place in the universe.


Trekking is by far the best way to enjoy the true Himalayan glory as it give you an opportunity to see the mountains and the lives of the people of mountains very closely . Trekking in Himalayas offers adventure like no other, it's a great way to spend your time and enjoy walking through beautiful nature. We offer numerous treks around the city.